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Animal Chaser™ Pro
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Animal Chaser™ Pro

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  • Motion Activated
  • Powerful strobe light
  • Inaudible to humans
  • Includes 18″ stake for easy installation

Keeps unwelcome cats, dogs and raccoons away from any protected yard.

Featuring an infrared motion sensor, the Animal Chaser™ Pro humanely deters cats and dogs with a combination of sound and light.

When an animal is detected, the unit produces a high pitched ultrasonic frequency that is inaudible to humans but very irritating to cats and dogs. Unlike other animal repellers, the Animal Chaser Pro also has a built-in strobe light that effectively wards off intruders. To extend battery life, these two deterrents switch off automatically after 20 seconds after the unit is triggered.

Easily mounts on wall and fences, or use the 18 inch stake to protect up to 500 square feet of your property with minimal maintenance. Cruelty-free and safe for family and friends, the Animal Chaser Pro is the perfect solution to keep roving animals off of your property.