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Mini Hygro-Thermometer
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Mini Hygro-Thermometer

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  • Sleek Design
  • Small Size
  • LCD Display
  • Registers Max/Min Temperature
  • Registers Max/Min Humidity

Temperature and humidity are important factors for your general comfort. However, food, wine cellars, plants, even cigars require specific climates to simply retain their quality. The amazingly small Mini Hygro-Thermometer is essential anywhere temperature and humidity are important to monitor. Its easy to read LCD constantly displays the precise temperature and humidity. With the push of a button, the Max/Min display will indicate the highest and lowest recorded levels of both.

Monitor the climate in your house, wine cellar, humidor or anywhere else proper air conditions need to be maintained. The Mini Hygro-Thermometer blends in with any décor and is packaged with mounting accessories. While your greenhouse, refrigerator, or thermostat can be set for a certain temperature, you may not always be achieving the conditions you desire.